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Well, starting off, I knocked my knuckle and sprained my wrist, while closing and locking the bedroom windows just before we left. Wrist still hurts like a mo-fo.
The car rides like a wet dream. My back hardly hurt at all, mainly just due to being stuck in one position for hours. We did get lost once (the nav system 'make a U turn when appropriate')...we took the scenic route. Beautiful countryside (wait for the pictures!)
They didn't have a mansion (awww!) but what I would consider upper middle class american. 2 car garage, 2 story house. Their TVs cost more than my yearly income, so that made it up :) You could, however, see the bay from their front yard (between the other houses). It was really very nice.
He took us around, and she tried to pack another 10 pounds of weight on us with food. Very good food, so I did my best. Unfortunitly, something happened, and I threw it up during the night. So for the next day, my throat was all swollen and raw.
We went to the city with the longest name in Britain (sorry, no way I can spell it, I got a picture) and we went to one of the castles. I took 155 pictures, of which maybe 5 are stunning.
We went 'up the hill' the first night. I got out on a cliff side, with blinding green grass and sheep* and the bay, with its slate grey, cold water in the back ground. The wind was blustery, giving my du porta bat wings...it felt very gothic, as behind me was this ancient graveyard. It was so cold, none of those pictures came out very well, as my hands were shaking from the cold.
The second day we were there, we went to the castle. Some very good pictures from there! It didn't rain, but nice moody clouds. I actually managed to climb the turrent! all the way to the top. I got dizzy climbing the stairs to the top, it was so far.
well, it's midnight now, so I'm going to close this up. I'll post pictures tomorrow. for now, just one little teaser...

(sorry for the quality, you know how LJ sucks any quality out of it. I'll post a clearer copy tomorrow)

*I saw a total of 6 horses and 2.7 million sheep
Tags: photographs, touristing, travel
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