feath (feath) wrote,

a couple of weeks ago, the key for our car alarm stopped working. our model of rover is one of the 'good' kind - there's no way to turn off the alarm without the key... and no one can seem to find the frequency our key is set at. so, in other words, our perfectly good car is totally undrivable. which sucks.
so we're looking for a new (or used, rather) car. That we can't afford, but have no choice. Personally, I'd rather go totally carless, but with a disabled husband, and me with copd, we're not able to go without.
hubby found a friend at the mosque who's business is buying cars at auction and reselling them. he's offered to find us one. hubby has given him directions, we want a BMW, Mercedes Benz or an acura.
I'd kind of like a Mercedes Benz.
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