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good news, bad news kind of thing. I had my nerve test done today. *bizt! bizt!* it's a good thing I didn't have a pacemaker, or I'd probably be lighting up like E.T.

The good news was that I realized there really was something wrong. It wasn't my imagination. For each nerve tested, they sent 5 blasts of electricity, of variant strengths. On my left (the numb one) foot, sometimes I barely felt the 5th and last one. There was one test, were I didn't feel anything, not even with the 5th blast. (where on the right foot, my whole body was jumping by the 3rd one)
The one she did on my ankle bone had me screaming - and that was the left foot. I can only imagine what it would have felt like on the right foot, which is better. thankfully, she didn't do it.

I couldn't walk on my heals, with the toes curled up - the right foot can do it, but the left cant. the strength is down on the left, I can't push very hard left, right, up or down.

so, she's going to send it to the doc, who will be getting in touch with me, I'm sure.
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