feath (feath) wrote,

today I had fun buying movies. I've gone months without buying any, so I'm over due.

Item : Court Jester

Item : Fletch / Fletch Lives (2 Discs)

Item : Garfield: The Movie / A Tale Of Two Kitties

Item : Most Haunted: Complete Series 6 Box Set

Item : Most Haunted: Complete Series 7 Box Set

Danny Kaye in the Court Jester - I was just telling hubby about the movie, I couldn't believe I found it coming out soon -- this is, I think, his best movie. The vessel with pestle is the brew that is true ... or was that the chalice with the palace? ahhh, MUST watch again.
Another one of his I'd like to get is the one where he's The Fox - or something like that. can't remember the name right off.

speaking of old great movies, I MUST find abbot and costello's The Time of Their Lives. It's such a fun movie!
Tags: movies
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