feath (feath) wrote,

help write a story - pt 2

our story so far...

The castle sat on the hill like a malevolent toad; squat, ugly and with a bad attitude.

Well, if you could call such a hell hole a castle, ppfftt. It was more an architect's folly, with a single gargoyle laying siege to the central turret. Stones lay broken on the ground. Small grunting sounds issued forth between a select few of the overturned plates of granite which escalated into screeching.

The knight crept silently up the side of the hill with amazing stealth, watching carefully for any signs of those that preceded him. He paused momentarily, a strange red glimmer of light off in teh distance catching his eye.

The small light buzzed closer raidiating a chill as it approched. The sky threatened snow, the clouds boiling unnaturally, attuned to what lived in the castle.

...continue the story by adding 1 sentence in the comments - incorporating the sentences already contributed...

edit; to make it easier for the next person, copy/paste the story that you're adding your sentence to... see my comment post to see how it's done
Tags: story
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