feath (feath) wrote,


Hajj started yesterday. Today is the stoning of the pillars. This is the most dangerous part of hajj, although there shouldn't be any danger involved at all. Arabia does an incredible job during hajj; feeding, bathing, housing, transporting millions of people for 3 days.
But the pillars have always been a bottle neck.
This year, Arabia worked on that area, by splitting the roads around the pillars. This will hopefully let the people flow around the pillars, unlike previous years, where they were flattened against barriers from the press of people behind. This year, they've also hired thousands of extra people to help keep the flow smooth. Although, death during hajj is the best death you can have. (Personally, I think the best death I can have is the one I don't have for years.)
We'll find out in a few hours if it worked. Inshallah.
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