feath (feath) wrote,

cleobourne called me, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. We've always managed to cheer each other up. ;)

MIL has high blood pressure - she's got it constantly now, even with her meds. They switched her meds, but instead of taking the stuff, she chose to 'finish' the old stuff - that doesn't work. Now her bp is 180/?? and not dropping. I'm worried she's going to have a heart attack.

I've only just realized how much my COPD has influenced my life - my quality of life. I really hate going out - it's hard to walk (my hips hurt) and the pain makes my breathing difficult, which triggers the COPD, and there I am, gasping for air. :( Makes me think of jrosestar and I wonder, how does she keep working? She's in worse shape then me, but she's still out there, in the job. I couldn't do it. There's no way I could work now. One tough lady ;)
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