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Let's talk food, shall we?

I can't get over the fact pakistani food mainly looks like dog by products. I'm not sure what it is, coloring, shape, texture, but there it is. I really have to tell myself it is NOT what it looks like. Paki food is very basic, throw it together, thump it on a fire, and wait until done burning. they have no concept of ethetics. How it looks don't matter. burn it and bring it, lets go woman, hurry up.

at least it's better than the french, who are the other side of the coin. They give you a free sample size portion, put a plant of greenery and a twisted slice of orange and an artistic slap of sauce and charge you an arm and a leg. The french are skinny cause they're starving to death.

which brings us to the americans, who god knows are not starving. There are more fat americans than pretty much any other nation in the world. American's believe in hearty eating. Lar--rrrr-ge portians. Maybe it's a hold over from the american indians who binge eat whole horses then sleep for a week. But it's a wonderful variaty of different stuff, with something tasty for any taste.

Which, not too surprisingly, brings us to the British. The British make the best fish and chips in the world. They've had a couple thousand years to get it right, and they have. Now that they've achived that goal, they are working on their next accomplishment: the british pudding. Another 750 years, and I figure they'll get that right. On the other side of the british cooking achivements we have pigs blood pudding. *gag*. I'm sorry *gag* but anyone who eats *gag* that stuff needs their *gag* head examined. *remembers how it's made and runs for toilet*

The italians got stuck on oil and flour. If the olive trees died and their corn crops withered, the itaians would starve to death. Everything is based off of those two things.

But at least they're eating stuff that isn't of scientific wonders - the russians ate a mammoth they found frozen... and liked it. 10 million old freezer burned meat is better than any russian resturant can produce.

edit continued....

The best thing about german food is the bread. It makes great hammers.

Now, someone mentioned poulet, which I'm almost afraid to ask about. But truthfully, can it be any worse than hagis? Now, the scots are know for many wonderful things - kilts come to mind right off, but not food. Hagis and white fish. How many ways can you cook white fish? Ask a scot.
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