feath (feath) wrote,

I woke up this morning (or rather, it woke me up) to the smell of my MIL morning breath. You know how you're breath gets when you sleep in an inclosed area? only, as I went in for my coffee, I realized it was the smell of cooking cabage. So now I know what her morning breath smells like ;)

Saw the GP the other day. She's switched my perscription for my antidepresant to prozac, as the one I've been using hasn't done much. Hopefully this will ensure that I no longer wish to find out if I can fly when jumping from tall buildings.

I've been very forgetful lately, which is usually an indication of impending asthma attack. Also coughing.

I want to start taking walks, for exersise, but my winter coat is still in storage, and I've not bothered to dig it out. I want a new coat, anyway, as I've gotten a little rounder since I've bought it. Just need to get down to whitechapel market ;)

Shahhe, for the first time ever, groomed me with her tounge. My thumb is now sparkling clean.

Guess that's everything :D
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