feath (feath) wrote,

cleo asked me to post a couple of snips of things that's happened.

first, samantha has a touch of jondus. Not something very bad, and doctors aren't that concerned about it.

Second, when nico came by to see the new baby, he saw that cleo's tummy was smaller.

nico: momma, your tummy is smaller. Where did it go?
cleo: the baby samantha came out of my tummy, so my tummy is smaller now.
nico: what did sammi do with your tummy? Is it under the bed? Did she hide it? *looks under bed*
cleo: *cracks up laughing*

The father has turned into a big puddle of fatherly goo, good only for smiling happily. I predict it'll be weeks before he comes out of his newborn daze.

a great picture, they sent me:

well, okay, two:

three, and I'll stop, I promise:

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