feath (feath) wrote,

Okay, as promised, here are the answers to this poll. (If you want, go fill it out first, before clicking the cut)

1. Fallen down an Egyption pyramid - NO
Almost every single person ticked this box. I've never even BEEN to Egypt! However, it is on my To Do list, as are the pyramids. When I finally do get there, the odds are very good I WILL fall down one. However, it hasn't happened yet, so this is a NO.

2. Riden a camel on the Arabian Sea's beach - YES
A couple of you missed this one, but not too many. Yes, I've ridden on a camel on the beach of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the highlights of my life. No pictures to prove it, as I was the one with the camera, and I was the one on the camel. But here's one of the Arabian Sea...

3. Seen a mongoose fight a cobra - NO
This one waw a trick question. I've seen a mongoose with a cobra together, but they were not fighting, That would have cost extra. The mongoose was blind and the cobra defanged.

4. Had a near death experiance - NO
Sorry guys, and I think every one picked this. I've been sick, I've come close to dying, I've passed out from asthma, I've hallucenated, and I've been sleep depribed, but I've never had a near death experiance.

5. Had my pants fall down in public - YES
I'd been sick, lost a lot of weight over a long period of time, so never really noticed the loss... one day, I raised up my arms and ... bloop. Down they went. I don't talk about this, much.

6. Had sex with 20 people. At the same time. - yes.
*cough*. nuff said.

7. Owned a 57 'chevy - YES
It was my first car at 17, and I LOVED IT. It looked like this:

8. Been thrown out of a country - YES
I'm embarrassed to admit it, but YES, I've been thrown out of a country. And some people can only boast about getting thrown out of bars!
All is well, now, though, all the problems were fixed.

9. Found an abandoned gold mine - YES
I was thinking, as I did this, that I hadn't found an abandoned gold mine, then I remembered that I, in fact, did. Up in the rocky's, someone had made a little block in a stream, where gold flakes gathered over time. There was probally about 10 oz there, when I found it. It was not techniclly abandoned, but there wasn't anyone there at that time.

10. Been widdowed 4 times - NO
No one ticked this box, and for good reason. I haven't been widdowed once, much less 4 times.

Thanks for playing!
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