feath (feath) wrote,

In case you haven't guessed (or didn't realize you needed to guess) I'm not doing nano this year. What small amount of energy I have is needed to get out of bed. No need to spend it on writing -- which I haven't managed to do in months, anyway.

It's turning cold. I remember snow in the rockys on halloween. I'm so glad I'm not there ;) Well, except for cleo and M, who I miss horribly. I've noticed I can sometimes not think of them for HOURS at a time. My son is a fire fighter. He's been working on the fire in california. He's a smart kid, but as we see again in this fire, being smart is only part of being safe. Sometimes fire is unpredictable. I was glad when I looked up the names of the firefighters who died in the fire, that his name wasn't on it. I feel bad that I was glad it was someone else, but very glad his name wasn't there.

I watched 'Earth Girls are Easy' last night. I actually enjoyed it. Of course, some of my favorite actors/ess are in it. Geena davis, jim curry, jeff goldblum. I have a thing for unique voices. George C Scott, Roddy McDowell, James Earl Jones... Vin Diesel ;)

Ummmmm, Vin diesel .... *rowr*


What was I talking about?


Oh, yeah. Vin Diesel ;)
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