feath (feath) wrote,

It's an adventure every morning when I first get up.
For instance, the other day, I attempted to make (instant) coffee from chocolate cookies. Well, they're both BROWN, arn't they? And they're both in the same kind of container. The only reason the cookies didn't fall into the mug, was because it wouldn't ballance on the spoon. And yes, I had my glasses on.
Or the time I fed that cat, by putting her wet food into her (full) water dish. If cat's could cry in horror, shahhe did it.
Or the time I put my close on backwards, and didn't notice until I almost trottled myself sitting down, and the high back colar fit snug against my neck.
Or the time I put my dirty laundry into the refrigerator instead of the washer. Okay, they ARE next to each other, but ... um. Thankfully, I caught myself before actually putting it in, and only stood there with the door open for a little bit.
On the flip side, in those few hours between getting up from bed and waking up, I've thought of an instant meathod for space time travel, plots for full novels, thousands of short stories, alternative histories, and what felt at the time as deep, insightful conclutions on the state of the world.
So, there you go. A brief look in the sleepy mind of feath.
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