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I watched the da vinci code last night

This will be one of the few movies I watch again, just to catch all the clues. Sometimes they threw them out so quickly, one after the other, that I only skimmed the implications of them, just following what they gave me, rather than necessarily following the logic.
And there was a couple of places where the logic didn't seem ...well, logical. Great leaps of intuition, which really doesn't work in a movie.

I REALLY disliked that a very good portion of the movie was in French and in Latin. The next time I watch it, it's going to be with subtitles. I know I missed a great deal of the movie, as well as the clues, because I couldn't understand a word being spoken. I also didn't like the way the flash backs were handled, or displayed rather. A few of them seemed to have little invisable bubbles over their head. Distracted from the movie greatly.

I picked up very quickly that sophie was what they were looking for, that was rather obvious. It could have been just the genre.

The research was exquiste. I was impressed to my socks. I loved watching the scenes and thinking 'I've been there, I know that place!' and some I was thinking 'I need to go there, it's just down the street' lol.

No historian - no sane historian - would deface the mona lisa, even with a clue. I was totally shocked to see that. And that was the total extent of the Mona Lisa in the entire movie. A tiny scene, and gone. However, the last supper had a great deal to do with it, and frankly -- it left me thinking a LOT.

I've not kept up with the controvercy over the last supper. I've looked at it, of course, and I'd come to a couple of conclusions. First, I KNEW that the figure on JC's right was a woman. But strangely, very strangely, I never asked myself: why is a woman sitting there? Now, in the movie, they give this and that reasoning for the figure to be a woman. They weren't the reasoning I used when coming to that conclusion. I used the shape of the face - look at it, compaired to the men. This is the soft, contured face of a woman. Look at the down cast eyes, the saintly expression, the maddona pose. In my eyes, this figure is a woman.

If so, then where is the 12th apposile? There are only 11 men around the table. Where's the 12th, and who is missing??

The fact that he has JC married to M.Mag' didn't shock or horrify me at all. I emagine the church wasn't too thrilled with it. However, in Islam, JC was a prophet, and very clearly, prophets can marry and have children.

As far as the writing, it was fast paced, sometimes too fast paced. I had trouble absorbing all the information, this is, when I could understand what was being said. Some of it was unlogical leaps of reasoning.... APPLE for god's sake? WHO made the code box? Newton? Then I could possibly see it, but if it was mentioned who made it, I didn't catch it. It was a great mystery story, and I may get the book to read, in the hopes that I understand more of it.

The photograhy was great, visually interesting in sections, good lighting, good sound.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up and recommend you watch it, if you've not. I'm going to watch it again.
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