feath (feath) wrote,

The first thing Chuckles is getting, once he lets me touch him, is Spot On - a liquid flea and tick replent. He has been kind enough to share his little tag along friends. Shahhe, she's getting her dose today. I accedently fed shahhe too much gooshy food last night. Chuckles licked the bowl clean of that. As with any man, the way to his heart is via the stomach.

Myself, I'm having a salad. Consisting of: shrimp, artichoke hearts, avacado, baby corn, snow peas, cucumber and radishes. I even put a few shreds of lettus in there, but that's optional.

My hips and shoulders are giving me a bit of difficulty. When I stand or twist, my hip feels like its' popping in and out of the join. Very uncomfortable. My shoulders just plain ache. Probablly the weather cooling off is responsible for that.

I bought a few movies last night. Don't know what came over me, but, I do it once in a while. Series 5 of Most Haunted. (what happened to Derik, anyone know? they kick him off the show?) and Duck Soup and Monkey Business, my two favorite Marx Brothers movies. X-men 3, for the hubby. The Da Vinci Code, too. Then I got Ice Age 2, but it's on pre order. I've heard bad reviews of Ice Age 2, but I like making up my own mind. There's been notable exceptions where I love the show, and no one else did lol
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