feath (feath) wrote,

Yes, progress!

I hear a meaty 'thunk' from the window, much louder than when shahhe jumps into the room. My head snapped around automaticlly, was shahhe hurt?
No, it was Chuckles.
We looked at each other.
Casually, I turn back to the computer. I listen intently. Will he leave?
I hear rapid crunching.
By the amount of food he consums, and the amount of crunching I hear, I think he swallows most of the food whole.
silence desends. Is he sitting in the window? Is he looking at me? I refuse my head to turn, instead staring at the computer.
I wait. More silence.
Finally, I can't stand it anymore. I turn to look.
He's gone.

But he ate his fill, the bowl was empty. And he ate it knowing full well I was 5 feet away. PROGRESS, YES!
Tags: chuckles
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