feath (feath) wrote,

Last night, about 10pm, I hear chuckles coming. He wasn't crying, but giving a very polite catly 'lo, anyone home?' meuw. He didn't notice me at the computer (I guess I was still enough) and he started in on shahhes food bowl. That's about 5 feet away from me.
I tried REALLY hard not to look at him. But a few minutes and I had to look, just to see if he was filling out a little. I slllloooooowwwwly turned my head, and only my head.
That cat has eyes in the back of his head.
He was sitting with his back to me! (so polite!) but when I focused on him, his head snapped around and he looked at me. We both froze.
I turned back and hoped he'd go back to eating. He hadn't nearly had enough. His back end looked pretty good, but he was sitting down, so it's not conclusive that he's filled out a bit. A few seconds later, he was in the window, and he left. :( He didn't come back later, either.
Still, I consider it a small amount of progress.
Tags: chuckles
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