feath (feath) wrote,

I've mentioned before about the white ferrel tom cat that comes to my flat every night. I worry about him, specially with the weather cooling off. This winter will be rough on him. He's not grown properly - his head is a touch too big for his body. And his back end is very boney. I don't think he'll make it through the winter, specially as we wont be able to keep our window open on the coldest days.

See, I've tried leaving food out for him, but he won't touch it. no no no -- he won't take it when given to him. No, he must STEAL it. So I leave the window open every night, and he comes in and fills up out of shahhe's bowl (she doesn't mind this either. She sits a few feet away and watches him gobble)

Now, the last couple of nights have been different. He's not eating as much, which worries me, but there is progress in another form. Every night, he wanders our way, and I can hear him. He gives that 'where are you, mum?' cry that cats and kittens do when searching for their mother or litter mates, or when they're lost. It breaks my heart. Anyway, the last two nights, he's not woken me with the cry, which means he's coming here without it. Two nights ago, I woke to his cry, but he was already in the room. He was sitting in the window (on the inside), and giving the cry. It woke me up, I looked at him (moving of course, I don't face the window) and he bolted.

But last night -- Last night, there was no crying. I don't know why I woke up, but I did. I looked at the window. He was sitting in it, looking outside. No crying. I turned over, and carefully looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He sat there for a long time. PROGRESS!

It also makes me wonder if he was an abandoned kitten. If he was ferrel, he'd know where his mum and litter mates where, or at least he wouldn't be giving the 'I'm lost, find me' cry. And if he was abandoned, he MIGHT know human touch. And if he knows human touch (hopefully, the good kind), he's tameable. I've not met a cat yet I couldn't tame -- except ferrels, and even they will sit rather close to me, so long as I don't look at them ;)

He never hisses at me, or gives any aggressive stance, even when I look directly at him. And his eyes, good lord, they are the saddest eyes I've ever seen on man or beast. They look like amime's sad eyes, flat on top and round on bottom. If cat's could cry tears, he would be.

I was thinking of naming him 'tears' just for those eyes, but I desided to go more to the positive side. I've named him Chuckles.
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