feath (feath) wrote,

Okay, I'm back. Like, you didn't know (well, maybe not, if you don't have cleobourne on your flist)
Neb broke um, real early monday morning, and I was in hospital about an hour later. Many tests later, more bruses than I can count, more blood tests than humanly possible, more drugs than pendarth has, and enough headaches to last a life time. I'm out. 4 days later.
I was in an interesting ward.
The lady across the room directly oppasate me was, ahh, how to put it? A fish wife jew with a rotting foot, who was constantly and loudly demanding attention, every single thing had to be done for her -right now-. Everyone was ready to murder her, and I was seriously thinking of walking across the street for some duct tape for her mouth. Rude, nasty woman, but she made a great 6am alarm clock with her screaming.
Other lady was real nice, and reminded me strikenly of my mother. We got on great. She's got some kind of liver cancer, that makes her retain water. She's about 200+ lbs, but it's almost all water, and they can't get it out of her. Poor lady. Really nice, though.
Other 3 in the room were just asthmatics, like me.
The did a cat scan on me at one point, for a study, and I found that to be a real rush. The dye they use gives you a warm rush, and whoo hoo, it was great LOL. Like fine irish whiskey, which I haven't touched in years, but lets just say, I remember the feeling um, hum. The cat scan is like something out of star trek.
Well, my week has been exciting and boring, and I'm really glad to be home. Shahhe stole my chair to welcome me back.
Tags: health
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