feath (feath) wrote,

They've been painting the building for weeks now. This week,they were doing our windows. My asthma kicked into high gear on that one.
But the good side is, the next door garden is getting cut down so they can get to her windows. This woman has weeds 12 feet high - and I am NOT exagerating. They bent our fence in. My guarden is getting sun again! Although, its a bit too late. most things have died or is very yellow.

Ramadan is coming up. 2 weeks to go. Last night was the full moon, and the offical closing of the islamic year. Last night, this years things are handed down by Allah -- what will happen, who gets born, who gets married, who dies, who gets ill, etc.

I've not been doing much, over all. Mainly cause I can't physically do much right now, due to asthma. Playing online games, interacting with players on mirc. I'm tired all the time, so I'm lazy. Bearly even been cooking.

Hubby and shahhe are doing well. MIL is going to pakistan for ramadan. Hubby going to mosque for ramadan. I'll mainly have the house to myself. It'll be so nice :D
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