feath (feath) wrote,


Cleo's little bun, affectionitly known simply as 'Sammi', is a girl ;)

I broke my toe. Night - no glasses + sleepy + chair leg = broken toe. Owiiiiieees. Even with the numb foot, it hurts like blazes. I've been icing it, which feels nice ;)

I've been taking mega doses of vitamines, and it seems to be helping. My muscles ache much less. They still ache, but it's not bone crushing any more *cheers* I am, however, sheding like a snake. Even efoiliating isn't cutting down the dry skin.

Pendarth is doing fine.

Shahhe has taken to stealing my chair again. Blasted cat. It still amuses me when she strokes my hair at 5 am to be feed though, so I'll keep her.

Had much much fun with guests from germany. Loved the accents! I actually missed their voices once they'd gone. Trish and Tom came over and we had a small Monk Feast.
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