feath (feath) wrote,

Got the blood work results back. What, 3 months? well...
upshot was: low on iron, vit D, B12 and folic acid. Thyroid was also down.
chloride up, bilirubin down, ALT down, TSH down, FSH down, Rheumathoid factor down. And by down, they are all off the chart down.
RDW high, MCh low, lymphocytes low, eosinophils low, basophils low, nRCSs low, and Serum B12 low, and red cell folate low.
ESR is off the chart high -- double what it should be.
Now just to get hubby to explane it all to me ;)
Strangly, the thyroid being down SHOULD mean I feel cold. I can only assume that I SHOULD be boiling hot, if it wasn't, cause I cant tollerate the heat as it is.
"Some of these deficiencies can be associated with increased muscle pain"... gee, maybe?
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