feath (feath) wrote,

Damn, it's hot. I kind of got over heated cleaning the hallway -- moved a lot of stuff around and got it so that the hall wasn't cluttered with stuff. Got so hot I ended up stepping into the shower fully clothed then standing in front of the fan.
MIL is coming home tomorrow. We're also re aranging her room, washing all the sheets, airing the blankets, that kind of thing. I want to make it so there's a little more room in there. Such a tiny space, you'd think she'd be more happy in pakistan, with all her son's very spacious homes. Not that I intend to make her room so cramped and miserable this idea enters her head, although her room would make a good storage area ;). Seriously, I'm trying to get her more room, or at least more organized.
I wonder if the desk will fit in there? hum. ;)
I really want to go see the new PoC movie thats just out. *sigh*. But I'll have to wait until we get the dvd.
Speaking of DVDs I just ordered Monk 4. *bounce* it's shipping to cleo, and she's going to mail it to me. *can't wait!*
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