feath (feath) wrote,

Yesterday hubby had to take something (epitac?) to clean him out. There's a huge warning on the package: WARNING! ENSURE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO A TOILET UNTIL THE EFFECTS OF THIS DRUG WEAR OFF. heh.
2 hours after he took it -- nothing. I suggested he go sit on the pot and try to go.
3 hours later, he was still there lmfao!
This was in prep for what he had to go through today.
He swallowed a camera (about the size of a large tablet) which travels through his system, and sends pictures to the recording device that he wears on a belt around his waist. They want to see if they can find any ulsers now, when he's not bleeding.
As he was about to leave, the nurse advised not to go out today. Hubby asked why. She said cause the belt looks like a bomb strapped around him.
And boy, does it!
High tech, wires, blinking lites, the whole nine yards.
I said, if he did get shot, he'd be world news. His death would do more for Muslims than anything preseding it. Imagine the headlines!
'Muslim shot dead while doing medical test' 'Handicaped Muslim shot dead' 'Belt wearing radical shot dead for illness'
I'm not sure if he saw the brighter side ;)
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