feath (feath) wrote,

I've been a good girl and been doing my exersies that the physio lady gave me. I have been assured my arms wont fall off, but I am not taking bets on it, the way they feel. In a way, it feels good to stretch and pull them, but at the same time, its a burning pain that I could do without. Hopefully, it will get better.

Nothing much going on now. I've been taking prednoslone for the asthma, which means I'm starving ALL the time.

Ebay is in an uproar. Management gave everyone a break -- those listings that were made before this weekend wont be pulled if they have nochecx in them. Ebay CEO just quit -- last month some mucky muck just quit -- two months before that, a couple of others. Word is googles new checkout is going to be a serious threat to paypal, and the rumbles are already getting felt in ebay/paypal.

Did you know paypal made something like 2 billion dollars last year? o.O

Well, off I go. Hope everyone is good. Drop me a line and tell me what your up to.
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