feath (feath) wrote,

Sometimes I buy one or two things, to check for quality and if it'd be good to sell on ebay. Sometimes I just buy it cause it's a damn good deal, and I can't pass it up. This means there's times I got one or two things I can't get rid of, and they just sit there. Usually due to weight, or that I've only got 1, and can't sell it for whatever reason.

Well, I want to get rid of some of this stuff, and I'm willing to take what I paid for it just to unload the junk treasures.

All the items are brand new and still sealed (unless stated differently).

2 kid size backpacks, brand new, no packaging, £2.50 each...will ship worldwide.

Handmade bird feeders, one of each, really cute, £1.50, ship world wide

Drink whipper, creat for making cuppochinos, etc, I use this and love it. £1.00, ship worldwide.

Celtic type axe necklass, £1.00 ship anywhere.

Glow in the dark bands, I'm GIVING these away. Say which one you want. I've got 10 of each.

Cool bags, keeps everything cool ;) £2.50 each, I have two. UK shipping only.

These are such cut handbags, I've no idea why they didn't sell. £1.00 each, ship anywhere.

I've got two of these. The effect is great, but the coloration on them are pretty bad, and the hook for the crystal needs to be pried open. Giving them away, shipping in UK only.

Really nice resein statue, with dreamcatcher. £4.00 ship in UK only.

Kiddy splash pool, 3 ring, REALLY heavy, pick up only, £3.00, I have 3 of them.

Wooden plate with london scenes, £1.00, ship anywhere.

cheapo lighters, 10p each, I've about 200 I think

Card decks, cheap, brand new factory sealed, no photo, .25p each, UK shipping only.

Pewter beefeaters, heavier than shit. ALL the spears broke when shipped to me, can't sell them. You get the man without the spear. You can put a feather or a flower or something in there. £1.00 - pick up only.

Batteries, 24 to a pack, .50p each, pick up only. I've 10 cards of these.

I've 3 or 4 of these, never sold. £3.00 each, ship anywhere.

works with both computers and sterios, good sound, £3.50, I have 2.

Four puzzles, 1000 pieces, brand new, in box, no photo. Very nice - £1.00, UK shipping only.

Why aren't my pictures showing?...that should work, now.
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