feath (feath) wrote,

Very busy today. Went to the chest doc, who gave me some back up drugs, for just in case. It makes me feel saver when I have something in reserve. Also perscribed a new inhaler, mainly for smokers. Totally different than a normal inhaler. You put in a pill, pop it in the inhaler, and breath the powder in. Can't use my nebulizer with this stuff, though. *here's hopeing* (they say you don't NEED a neb with this stuff. hum. *suspecious look*
My ebay shop has been SO BUSY. I wonder if it's just summer activity, or if I've reached some kind of tier. I'm selling about 20 things a day, give or take. I've had to go buy stock twice this week, already. Which is nice, you understand, but kind of spooky too. Hubby is making me a spreadsheet to help me keep an eye on inventory. Cause, its moving so fast, I'm not sure when I'm running out before I run out.
Had fish and chips for dinner *LOVES FISH AND CHIPS*
I wonder when cleobourne will send me my movies? I got 'the house II' which means nothing unless you've seen it. It always makes me want to be an Adventurer Electrician... and send my plot bunnys to the mating chamber, where they really get busy. I was thinking... hum... see, this guy, a street brick layer, falls into an undground cavern, and finds .... well. I wont give it away. If I ever write it, you can see it then.
I like my new layout. At least it's not black.
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