feath (feath) wrote,

Man, I'm tired of waking up feeling like I was in a fight. I ache. I hurt. I wake up to find myself rubbing my shoulder in my sleep.
I got my physio refural, will be calling them today for an appointment. I wonder what my bloods and xrays showed? I wonder if I can call the doctor and ask? (Well, I know I can call the doctor, the question is, will he answer!)
Bro-in-law arrives today. He'll be here for a while. I'm guest'd out. I want my house to myself. I like these people, but I'm just plain tired of people. I want to potter around in my garden. I want to smoke without having to feel like I need to appologise for smoking. I want to do things around the house without getting in peoples way.
I'd have made a great hermit.
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