feath (feath) wrote,

Well, my mom fell last night and broke out 5 teeth. Some face stitching was needed. I really wish I could go see her -- she likely needs a lot of help right now -- but not enough money. blah. I'd also like to go out in December, when cleobourne is due. Not sure if that is going to work, either. Pendarth wants to go to pakistan about the same time. I think these things just arn't going to happen.

I had bloods taken today. Lady got it first shot. They used a horse needle, and took 8 viles. I felt drained afterwards. I was very proud of myself, though, I didn't faint!

Pendarth's nephew was here for a few days. First, missed the connection in US, so had to stay overnight in london. Then missed connection here (didn't give himself enough time) so was stuck here another 3 days. He was still late getting out the door this morning, but as we've recived no sheepish call, we assume he made it this time. They did manage to lose his luggage, though. It went somewhere without him. Airlines have no clue where it is.
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