feath (feath) wrote,

Well, finally got into the rhumatology doc. Xray's done, exam done, still to do; blood and nerve test. Blood gets done later today, nerve test has about a 12 month wait.
I asked the doc for his 'educated guess', as he didn't want to get pined down yet before seeing the tests results, most spicificlly the bloods. However, with the wiggle room of 'educated guess' he did say what he was looking for. If the bloods and xtrays's show nothing, he thinks its fibro.
I said it was probablly fibro almost 2 years ago lol.
But I think he'll find a pinched nerve in my back, which is causing the numb foot. Yeah, it's still numb. He did a needle test, and the numbness goes up to about 3 inches below the knee.
So, fibro. Maybe.
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