feath (feath) wrote,

medical crap

I've got several things wrong, but all of them are in the 'discovery' phase -- 'lets find out ...'
arthritic (apt next month), pinched nerve (no apt yet), bladder problems and female bleeding problems.
I've said for years I don't have periods, I have monthly hemoraging. Seems there's a reason for that.

Today, they did an ultra sound to determin if anything this pressing on my bladder, and to check the ovary's and womb. They discovered fibros. Which explanes the excessive bleeding. Talking with hubby and the doc, the fibros grow and shrink due to estrigine. The more you have, the larger the fibros grow. With less, they can shrink. They have been known to become malignate. they can cause other problems. Sometimes, they can grow as large as your fist, and make a woman look like she's pregnate.

So, anyway, now I wait for the gyn again, to see what he thinks about it.

The only medical options are A) leave it alone, if it doesn't effect quality of life or B) remove the fibro surgicly. If the fibro isn't contained, but has little fingers going through the womb, then the whole womb has to come out.

Personally, I don't have a problem with that. I'm not doing anything with it, and maybe they can do a nick and tuck while they're removing it ;)

EDIT: I see I missed spelled it. It's Fibroids
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