feath (feath) wrote,

Auntie and uncle come over, bring food.
Auntie: feath, you must try the soup!
Me: Does it have lemon in it?
Auntie: oh, yes, it does.
Me: I'm allergic *pulls sad face*
Me: eats chicken (which MIL made) and rice with red onions (which MIL made) and potatoes (which, yes, MIL made)
Auntie: Sure you don't want some soup?
Hubby: Feath is allergic to lemon.
Auntie: there's lemon in the onions, too.
Me: *freezes with fork half way to mouth*
Me: lemon?
Auntie: yes, it's so good in onions.
Hubby: Feath is allergic to lemon. (yes, for the third time)
Auntie: oh, yes?

Now...by the tone of voice, this is what auntie heard

Auntie: yes, it's so good in onions.
Hubby: feath needs to blow her nose.
Auntie: oh, yes?

After washing my hands and brushing me teeth, and feeling my feet and back -- and scalp and eyes, and ears, and nose -- start to itch, I grabbed hubby and went to the store for anithistimine. I'd meant to have a sit down with auntie and explain -- in GRAPHIC DETEAIL -- what lemons can do to me. Cause I'm thinking she thinks 'allergic' means hayfever, where your nose runs and your eyes water. But they were gone by the time we got back.

Me, I think she's trying to kill me for my island in tahiti, but hubby assures me she's not (as he get the island)
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