feath (feath) wrote,

Shahhe has a new friend -- that male stray I told you about the other day.
He came by last night (after not coming by for a couple of days) and shahhe was all excited. She did the squirrel stand and coo'd and muurrr?ed at him and begged me to let her out. Which I did. It's nice to see her all excited over another cat -- every other one she's seen she's fought with.
I'm glad she's fixed. Really glad lol

My red rose is just opening up -- and it's as big as my fist. Actually, a little larger. This is IN BUD, you got to understand. It's going to be the size of a saucer once it's done. The yellow roses are all blooming nicely. They smell like lemons lol. My gladiolas are coming up, the apple twig has bloomed, and the sweatpea is starting to climb. By summer time, real summer time, my garden is going to be a riot of flowers. Sweet :)
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