feath (feath) wrote,

Niece is here now, the living room looks like a sleep over LOL with all the people laying around in there. She'll be here about 4 days, BIL until around monday, and the MIL and BIL for another 2 weeks. Then I get the house peaceful again, alhamdulillah.

I haven't sold a blasted thing on ebay all week. I was really getting concerned, considering how many things I've listed. As well as them taking out the over £300 that I was disputing, from my bank account. After a week of nothing, last night I desided to upgrade my account to the 'Featured Shop', the first month is free. It's sapposed to automaticlly give you a bit more priorities in viewing, or such and such. I thought, eh, its a month free, lets give it a shot. Wow! I hadn't changed 24 hours ago, and already have 6-7-8-9- 14-15!(lol!) 17 o.0 sales. You want to talk about a blast of viewers! I really hope this keeps up. Cause now I've got all my bills due. I've got JUST enough, but some extra sales will mean the difference between enough, and comfortable.

Shahhe is feeling much better. She's taking her meds without a fuss (I grind it up and add it to her mushy food). She's even nibbling on her dry food a bit more. The male stray came by last night and he and hubby checked each other out. I forgot to forgetfully leave some food out for him. Tonight, maybe.

Nothing much going on. Back still hurts. Sholders hurt. Knees pop every time I bend down. I'm begining to see myself 20 years from now, a knarled old woman bend like my twisted willow tree.
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