feath (feath) wrote,

Shahhe had to go to the vet today. She couldn't pee -- and you want to talk about a piss'ed off cat. Standing in the box didnt work -- nor in the hall, behind the toilet, in the bed room -- so, to relieve herself at least one way, she attacked the rug, violently. Showed that rug a thing or two! A trip to the vet confirms a bladder infection. A shot of anitb's and a regime of pills, and she should be fine soon enough.

It's hot ... nice after the rain. It would be great if we had 2 days of heat and one of rain every day. Breaks it up nicely.

MIL and FIL arrive today. Hubby and BIL are off to the airport to pick them up. 2 weeks of a full house, and then peace will decend once more.

There's a male homeless cat that's been coming around every evening. Giving the kittenish 'where are you?' cry. Shahhe actually gets along with him pretty well -- no fights and lots of nose sniffing. Any other cat gets the hissy treatment. I feel a little sorry for this one -- he's got huge, sad looking eyes. I may accedently put some food out for him. Hubby has stated 'no other cats', but, well, if Allah sends us one, am I the one to turn it away? I don't think so.

Every time I see my icon, I want watermelon lol.

ALMOST got an appointment with rhumotology. Seems they're booked full through some cut off date (I guess when it was orginally asked for) so they've got to find a spot for me. It's a bout time, for gods sake, my feet are numb to my knees almost, and my back hurts constantly.
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