feath (feath) wrote,

BIL arrives tomorrow, MIL and FIL on the 11th, and a neice sometime inbetween. The house is going to be packed to the rafters (if it was a house and had rafters).
I figure, with all my paypal money, all my sales, and all my savings, I can just pay off ebay's erronious fees of £400 AND pay the £400 credit card bill, when I bought all the stuff I've been selling. Lucky me. I did just sell 20 pins -- unfortunitly, I don't have them, so needs must go buy more LOL. Strangly, my pins are my biggest and more persistant sellers. I'm always on the look out for different variaties. I also sell more souviner pins to british people, than I do to anyone else. Go figure.
I had my first drum stick ice cream in years today. It was soooo good. I love those things.
I think I'll go play sim 2 or something. In between cleaning the house for visitors. heh. *waves*
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