feath (feath) wrote,

I've lost 5 people off my flist since I went quit(er)... :( and hardly anyone is commenting :( Guess I need to light myself on fire to get pissed on.

So, pendarth is feverish today...not surprising, we did a shit load of work around the house. I cleaned out my closet...now, you got to understand. I don't like hanging clothes, I usually end up folding them and stacking them. And shahhe has used the closet for years as a hidy hole. My closet, in other words, was a freeking mess. No more! I now have ROOM, and it's tidy and hung. However, there were a couple of things that got 'shahheized'.... and I have been trying to cough up a lung all day. Dust and cat hair. oi.

I watched sense and sensability the other day. Alan Rickman is such a cutie... he does the tormented gentlemen so well. And watched sin city, too. What a strange movie. What's with Bruce Willis and his comic style movies lately? He's done like three of them...
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