feath (feath) wrote,

I've been kind of busy. Working on the garden, reading, watching movies. Yeah, all bull shit stuff, but it's really brought my stress level down. I feel almost normal. It's going to go back up again, though, cause I've got MIL and FIL coming back soon, as well as BIL and one neice. We're not only going to be a full house, we're going to be busting at the seems.
With the online game I play: I've opened up the guild to anyone (usually we only take people we know) and am hip deep in N00bs, who don't know their ass from their hand. Micro-managing the guild is crazy, but has to be done to keep them from getting killed.
April Fools is on it's last day. I managed 2k words, which is horrible, but with the month I had, I'll take the pip and run. I'm stressed about my writing. I need the FUN back. It's all goals and work right now. I'll have to see what I can do about that.
My feet are turning blue, which is Not A Good Thing. I hope its just cause it's colder than heck today, and I've got the window open. My asthma has been pretty bad all week, so that might be a contribuing factor. My feet are still numb, in fact, it's almost reached my knees. Still no word of an apointment with the specialist.
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