feath (feath) wrote,

Nothing much going on. My stress level is slowly going down. working on the garden is helping a lot with that. I've also finally got my depression meds again. That and sleeping more should really help.
I'm thinking one of the reasons my writing has stopped is I've put too much pressure on myself to write. goals, goals, goals. AF, MM, myself... I need to lighten up on myself, and just write for FUN again.
Having fun selling things on ebay. it makes me feel more secure making a few pennys for the bank.
Watched some strange movie...british humor is STRANGE shit.
Talked to my mom today. She seemed chipper. She got the beefeater and coldstream guard teddy bears I sent her. She loved them :) She collects dressed teddy bears, I knew she would.
Talked to cleobourne yesterday. She's doing okay, but needs more sleep.
I should call avery and marie and say hi. Pendarth is good. Shahhe is a pain in the ass, but fine. um. thats all.
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