feath (feath) wrote,

My stress level is starting to lower. Each day I feel a little less tense. I actually smiled and laughed today. I've been doing a lot of garden work, reading book, watching movies, and listening to the silence.

If you wish to refresh your memory, here is the thread for the 'before' of my garden

It's not quite done yet. Still rather messy, not everything put away. And of course, nothing is flowering yet. But here is phase two of...the garden...

BEFORE (start)

Long shot, before.


Long shot. Big difference, hum? Still got a way to go, but I'm happy with how it's shaping up.

the bright orange lily hubby and I fell in love with. He promptly dropped it, breaking 3 of its flowers. (which is why I'm holding the flower up)

Produce: 3 apples trees, 1 pear tree, 1 qiwi tree, 1 mock orange...um...couple of other things,too. the apples and pear tree were geneticlly made for pots, as well as producing two different apples (spur and delicious, I think). It's grafted. Can't wait to see how the come out.

Close up of the twisted hazel (it's a hazel, penny, not a willow). It's by far the most interesting plant I have, and I love it. *croons to her hazel tree*

Our Garden Tea Room. The willow, the lily, hanging baskets, chimes, and honeysuckle (which isn't grown yet) will make this the 'soothing' spot of the garden.

The rose section. They're loving the sun. The little light advertises itself as 'radiating light' or some such. A firefly makes more light. A very gentle glow that basiclly keeps you from running into the trees.

So there it is, my garden. I'm trying to make it as soothing and pleasant as I can. If anyone has a sunpowered water fountain they want to give away ... I'm broke, but needing one! :)
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