feath (feath) wrote,

We went to the garden center today to get soil (finally) and on the way got stuck in traffic for the London marathon. Lots of people dressed up as things -- fairys, knights, flags, rhinos, strange sponge-like creatures. I think my favorite was the 'worm' which had about 10 or more people all connected by green material, with the first guy having a worm head LOL. Lots of supermans, batmans, robins, etc.
We were stuck in that traffic a LONG time. Some of the runners were in poor shape -- we were around mile 18, and they were feeling it. Some were crying as they ran, some were limping. A few had haunted eyes, and you could see they weren't going to make it. The men and women who were over 70 and up -- they were inspiring. I could never do it.

I got more plants at the garden, and likely you'll be hearing a lot about my garden. That is, after planting all that stuff, I'm able to get out of bed tomorrow. I'm stiff already. Lifting 75kg bags of soil by myself. well. I feel in love with a twisty tree -- at least, thats what we call it. I've already forgotten it's real name. And we got a bay leaf tree -- 5 rose bushes (on sale), a beatiful orange lily, and something else, that is escaping my memory. Oh, a honeysuckle :D

I know I've been really quite lately. I'm actually debating taking a leave from LJ for a while. Lots of emotional stuff going on, and I'm crying at the drop of a hat. We'll see.
More later. ta.
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