feath (feath) wrote,

today is a garden day! I got my plant shipment in (one of two)...
2 apple trees -- made for garden pots! They've been grafted, so I get TWO different apples on the same tree! It looks so coolllll...and a grafted pear tree, ditto, and a qiwi tree... and a mock orange tree (got the smell and flowers, but no fruit). Plus some lilys (a BLACK one! Black lilys! I can't wait!)
The qiwi plant got pretty beat up in shipping. I'm hoping it recovers quickly. The stems/leaves are so delicate looking, very spongy.

Still got another shipment coming, mainly of flower plugs. *fun fun!*

Tomorrow we'll go get some more soil. I got enough for maybe three plants... we'll have to see.

I'm so easily amused.

oh -- the doctor apt was a bust. Hubby says 'i know where it is! lets walk!' we get there to find -- the apt was at St. Barts NOT Royal. *doh!* so guess what? I get to wait ANOTHER two months for this stupid apt.
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