feath (feath) wrote,

2:30 am and I still cant sleep.
I've got an idea for AP and can't write.
I've got about 25 packages to mail from my ebay shop tomorrow. I'll be lucky if I can carry them all.
I'm sick of people and want to *greta garbo voice* be alone.
Life got busy again with my online game. Sims 2 is off to a slow start. I keep trying to kill the character, but he just keeps surviving. Electricution is my murder of choice, and its just not working.
I've got two dvd rentals I've yet to watch.
My house is a wreck. an absolute wreck. It makes my skin jump walking into the living room. The cleaning lady keeps turning off the freezer to hook in the vaccum cleaner. I have to show her what she's unplugging.
My wild flowers and sweet peas are sprouting. :)
Guess that's pretty much everything.
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