feath (feath) wrote,

I just got an idea for a small book, aimed at dyslexic kids. written how dyslexic kids read (only with the letters in the right place ;) lol. I wonder if I could pull it off? Well, I can try. ;) Gives me something for april fools. yay!

Shahhe is being a royal, royal pain in the ass. She wants food at 6 am...I don't mind that so much, as I get up then for prayers, anyway. then I go back to bed. At 9:30 shahhe desides I've been in bed long enough, and she wants a SNACK. She taps me with a hairy (tickles!) paw. If that don't work, she uses the tip of a single claw. Yesterday, I still resested getting up. I was getting too warm under the blankets through, so I threw them off. Shahhe then jumped on my leg, wrapped her arms around my ankle, and BIT my foot! That little HELLION! It worked too, I got up and gave her a bit of wet food (I'm pussy whipped). It doesn't matter if hubby gives her food, either. she'll eat it, but still INSISTE that I feed her too.

I've got a 9.79 charge on my card that I have no memory of making. I need to call the bank tomorrow and find out who they were. to 'McColls'. *scratches head*

My hip hurts soooo bad. It keeps locking up. *CRACK!* every time I move in prayers. To day I couldn't turn over in bed, my hip was just frozen in place (which means my leg was frozen in place). It's getting worse everyday. Oh, and speaking of worse, the numbness in my foot reaches almost to my knee now.
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