feath (feath) wrote,

Hi all! Feeling much better today, although my ashtma is still not under control. Lots of wheezing!

I'd like to ask all those people who got something from my mystery auction to PLEASE send 'seller a question' and bubble a bit. It will help sales ;) No writing 'writing as ordered, feath!' posts either, you scounderals, they will be going live! With only 22 watchers (on day 7, yikes!) it needs a shot in the arm. Although, I've at least got enought to pay ebay off, and that is a BIG plus, just to break even.

*feath attempts a feat never before performed by her: using her LJ famous gravitational pull on ebay. will it work? the ONLY way to find out is to watch the mystery auction and see if she can manage to pull it off*

DAMN YOU, ADDAMS! The Sims 2 is too much fun.
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