feath (feath) wrote,

Today I got LOTS of stuff in the mail. 2 DVD rentals and my new sims 2 game. Yes, evil people over on April Fools posted screen snaps and I got firmly hooked on the very cool graphics. I had to have it! So I bought it, damn them!
Someone elses mail also arrived (I guess the carrier saw 'dvd' and thought only of me. Perhaps I buy too many? hehe, never!) anyway - I haven't opened it, and I'm debating on how to get it to them. Its filled with like 10 dvd's (I felt through the packaging lol)... with my luck, if I attempt to be greedy, it'll be full of rap crap, which I hate. Sometimes, its a cross to be honest. But karma is an evil thing. I've had things never arive, and it's horrible. I'll probablly drop it in the mail.
And I got lots of great library books -- It's going to be hard(er!) to write with all these distractions.

ummmm simmmmms twooooooo
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