feath (feath) wrote,

Learn something new every day. I shouldn't answer the people who send a question/comment to the mystery spring auction. If I do, I can't tell them later if they've gotten a gift! Yikes...so this first time is going to be harder, cause I got to figure out a way to tell them they got something. 17 watchers and 1 bidder so far. I hope it gets much better than that!

My mother called today. Evedently my father, who hasn't spoken to her in over 40 years, called her today to find out if she'd had a stroke 'I heard you had a stroke'. Fucker. I told him that over 7 years ago, but he called me a lier and broke off our very tentative 'get to know you even though I hadn't spoken to you since you were 2 years old' budding relationship. He cut that bud down at the root! NOW, 7 years later, he's actually trying to find out if I told him the truth -- I hadn't emailed him for 4 weeks cause I was at the hospital with my mother after her stroke. Anyway, mother was pretty pissed -- she didn't want anything to do with him. I tried explaining he was probablly just trying to find out (after 7 plus years!) if I had lied to him.

back hurts like a sum-bitch.

I went to the library to get a copy of gillman's Mrs. Polifax series (thanks trish for reminding me how good they were!) but none in stock. For such a huge building, it has SHIT for books. Next time I'll order online and have them delivered to the branch for pick up. Still learning the system.
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