feath (feath) wrote,

Hubby arrived home yesterday and I don't feel like I've stopped moving yet. Lots of things to do, now that I'm not worring, and getting lots accomplished.

You all that have ebay accounts -- do me a favour? Go on over to this auction of mine and sign up to WATCH it. You don't have to bid (unless, of course, you want to!), and even just watching might snag you a gift! (oh, yeah, if you do watch it, post a comment/question ON THE EBAY AUCTION so I know you're there. I don't see a list of watchers, and I'll need your ebay handle!)

Not much writing done, but lots of other stuff accomplished.

I feel quite bitchy, so I'm sure to be pmsing. My back and shoulder isn't feeling too well -- its not helping that the slightly SOLID weight of shahhe is on my should when I wake up (not even counting her little claws as she's tapping my face to wake up)

So, how many of you think Iran is next in the US cross hairs? And...who do you think is NEXT? Or do you think the US will stop at afganistan, iraq and iran?
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