feath (feath) wrote,

My moss finally arrived and so now all ten hanging baskets are up. Damn birds keep eating my cat grass seeds and now they're after the radishes, too! I know birds are an important part of the ecosystem, but I'm hoping now that the weather is warming up (nicely!) shahhe spends more time in the garden, guarding the flowers!

i should have gone down to get more pins, but the gardening finished off my back for the day. I'm not even sure I'll get to hubby today.

I need to rearange the living room. With the freezer (yay!) in, some things got displaced, and my living room is FAR too little to have this many things in it. The cart and 5 chairs are going back outside, where they belong. Still leaves MIL 2 straight back chairs (needed for her back) but at least we should be able to walk withing bumping into things.

Hubby hasn't bleed in 2 days, if he goes another one, they are bumping him out of ICU to the next level down. Inshallah.
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