feath (feath) wrote,

Hubby hasn't bleed in 24 hours, but they are keeping him in ICU just in case. They've determined they will not do anything unless he hemorages so badly, they can't pump in blood faster than he loses it.
If that happens, our options become very restricted. But, we wait and see.

Got some new items for my ebay account, I'm very happy with. I'm keeping a couple of them, cause, dude, they're sweet. :D The trolley pound keyring is in my hot little hand, as well as the leather 'belly bag' aka 'bum bag'. I love the smell of leather :D

No writing, but at least I can string two words together in conversation.

Trisha is moving, and didn't have room for a few things. *score!* I got a small freezer that tucks nicely under the counter. I like cooking large and freezing half of it, so I don't have to cook every day. I couldn't do that before cause the freezer we have just isn't big enough.
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